About the Journal

The journal was founded in 2009 and more than 400 scientific articles have been published since that time. The journal is characterized by interdisciplinary character and deals with the issues in philosophy, sociology, pedagogy, culturology and politology.

The journal’s mission is reflecting the latest world vision positions and general theoretical research in the humanities sphere, aimed to the integrated and essential understanding of topical problems of personality, society and state.

Special information milieu is organized in the journal; scientific community is invited for debates, free exchange of opinions, and development of the positions of the public society based upon scientific foundation, which gives an opportunity for scientists and higher school teachers and tutors to express their views for the scientific community and society itself.

Issues’ themes: Personality universe and the boundaries of the world; Culture and civilization; Human values of culture, World’s religions, The influence of the religion on society; The problems of national and personal identity, The national patterns of modernization; Democracy and personal, social and national security; Education: what knowledge really enlightens; The role of theory and theoretical knowledge in the practice of political life and many others.

The journal plays the role of an active ground for the Round working tables in co-operation with Lomonosov Moscow State University, Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities, MGIMO, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, the Institute of Strategy and Theory of Education of the Russian Academy of Education, the library of the History of Russian philosophy and culture “The house-museum of A.F.Losev” and others.

The journal is a participant and information sponsor for important international and all-Russia events. Among them there is an International Forum “Intellectual Property – the 21st century” (subsection “Intellectual Property in the sphere of education, science, creative work and culture), All-Russian congress of politologists, Annual international conference “EVA”, Rumyantsev’s readings in the Russian State Library, conferences of Philosophical society and many others.

The journal declares its civic position. It uncompromisingly protects scientists and calls everyone to listen to them. Editorial board believes that efficient scientific ideas and independently thinking authoritative people of science, who have ideas and who are able to express them, must be claimed for the efficient managerial and legislative state activity.

The journal is devoted to the wide range of readers: scientific researchers, high school teachers and tutors, post-graduate students, students of humanitarian departments and all those who think over humanitarian problems and their understanding at the “time of changes”.

The journal suggests jointly seeking the answers for the global challenges of the global world.